Sunday, 2 December 2012



Hi, I'm Blue and I have come into the care of GRACE via a website called GUMTREE where my owner was selling me.I need a home with older children. I'm not really a greyhound or really a lurcher but would still like a forever home of my own. I am only 11 months old but am a very big boy. I am living in foster home I have learnt to walk to heal, to sit, and I am brilliant at fetch. I think balls are the best thing ever. I also enjoy my food, and love treats. I am going to grow into a big boy so if you are looking for a whippet then I'm not for you, but if you are looking for an adorable fun loving pup who loves people and other dogs, then why not give me a chance. Please phone to arrange for me to visit you, love n licks, Blue x

Jessie J

Jessie is G.R.A.C.E's newest addition. She's a gorgeous, fawn girl who is 3 years-old.

 Jessie was a star at her first M&G held at Stockton Garden Centre. It's tiring doing P.R though so she had a quick lean on Curtis' bottom! 
Jessie is our newest arrival, a very happy little girl, still very thin and has a long way to go there, but she is very sweet, caring, loving, confident and loves everyone!
Jessie has not been cat tested yet, but probably wont be cat friendly, however Jessie is good with other dogs regardless of size and she loves people from babies upwards.Ongoing photographs will be posted so you can see the difference a bit of tlc makes. If you can offer Jessie her forever home please contact us :-

Tel 07840771583


Jake is not with GRACE but we help hounds wherever we can so if you can offer Jake a home please get in touch, many thanks. Here's what Jake's foster family say about him ....

Jakes story starts from going into the council kennels with a broken leg.....managed to contact owners but they were no longer interested so money was raised for him to have his leg removed.

Me and my partner had also just recently began to foster a 4month old lurcher who was rescued by the dog warden and then we recieved a call asking if we could foster Jake as my girlfriend is a veterinary nurse so it made sense really.

His 'stump' was healing fine, we took him to the lakes and he was climbing 2500ft fells and loving everything, but unfortunately had a reaction to the sutures and a small hole developed on his stump so he needed an operation again to remove a little more bone and stretch the skin back over. Then 2 operations later he has eventually been able to heal fully and start enjoying life.

He is an absolutely lovely dog and I think if we did have the space we would not be in a position of finding him a home as he would be staying put. He has so much personality.

He loves attention and would be best suited with someone who has alot of spare time. He does have seperation anxiety but he does settle when left after about 15minutes and we never return home to him crying or barking.

He lives with our 2 other pups (6months and 11 months) and we think the time is right now as he has been here now for 4 months and we love him to bits. He also lives with a cat and a house rabbit but i would suggest no small furries.....he is fine with them but when one runs he could be unpredictable and he gets over excited and doesnt really know what hes supposed to do (but we think he has been bred to work so we understand where it has come from)

He will make someone an amazing companion and has loads of energy and still thinks he is a baby (since he missed quite alot of his younger days).

Ive attached a photo of him with his foster family at the top of one of the fells in keswick.

Anything you can help with or any advice would be great.

We just want to find him the perfect home!!

Thanks again



Hi my name is Shadow and  I am 1 year old, I came to GRACE a few months ago with a few bad habits I had picked up along the way but I'm now much better. I am living with other dogs and cats and really just want to play with everyone. I love to play as I'm just a pup and I would like to live with another dog for company. I would be best in ahome with grown up children. I will be at the meet and greet on December 15th at Stockton Garden Centre if you would like to meet me. Hugs, Shadow ;) x

Saturday, 1 December 2012


Hello, my name is Flint and I'm a 6 year old saluki x. i am looking for a new home due to a family break-up. I'm living with my Aunt at the moment but she can't keep me as she already has two dogs. I am living with a terrier and a whippet so am used to other dogs and I really like playing with my cousins. I am going into the vets to be neutered soon and to have my injections. I had an accident a long time ago when I damaged my right eye so I'm partially sighted but that doesn't stop me doing anything as my other eye works really well. I have 'worked' to catch rabbits and other furry things so I can't live with any cats or small fluffy things. I am used to living in a house and I don't chew anything if I am left for a while. I love all people and kids but I am a bit shy when I meet people for the first time. I can live with other dogs or on my own I don't really mind as long as I am loved I am happy. If you can offer me a home please call 07840771583 or e-mail and I will come and meet you, thanx for looking at my photos, Flint :) x

Tuesday, 13 November 2012


Hi, my name is Milo and I'm 5 years old. I am in foster care at the moment but would really like my own family. I know I look older than I am but thats because I've had a hard life. I spent years living in a shed, I didn't have any windows to look out of and my owner kept a muzzle on me all of the time which left marks on my face. These have gone now and I'm told I am very handsome. I can live with other dogs but prefer bigger dogs as I haven't seen too many small dogs. I can't live with cats or small furries, but if you are looking for a loving and loyal addition to your home then look no further. I am neutered and vaccinated and have just had a dental so my teeth are in great condition. Why not give Tracy a call and she can set up a date for you with me, luv n licks, Milo <3

Friday, 9 November 2012


Pippa is a 6 year old greyhound girl who came into our care as she was found as a stray. Pippa gets on well with other dogs of all sizes but can be a bit bossy so would be best suited with males. Again Pippa is a black greyhound, but please don't overlook her as at 6 years old she is lucky to be here at all. She deserves her forever home which could hopefully be another 10 years. Pippa has had a break to one of her paws, and has had a toe amputated, this does not stop her from living a perfectly normal life. Pippa has good recall, enjoys to play and is a friendly affectionate girl who just wants her own sofa to retire to. If you can offer Pippa this please contact us.


My name is Warren and I'm almost four years old. I am a brindle boy and I'm quite big, a bit on the chunky side but who cares! I have been at GRACE for almost a year now and I see other greyhounds come and go and wonder why not me? I can't understand it, I love people, big and small, I don't need loads of walks as I have a 'funny' paw and I'm just a big couch potato. I would really like to be an only dog, but I could at a push live with another female greyhound or another breed of dog (I get a bit bossy with my own kind).  I am a loving boy with a great sense of humour, I don't give kisses (unlike some others I could mention) and I'm here waiting for a home of my own. I am neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. Why not give me a chance to see how wonderful I can be, love Warren x ps I don't like cats

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Wish Tokens

As some of you may be aware we have been accepted this year in the Evening Gazette's Wish Campaign, where each day from October until January tokens are printed in the Evening Gazette, these tokens are then collected and the more tokens collected the larger share of the £40,000 wish fund is allocated.

So we need all the tokens you can collect, please save them and either post them to me at the following address or call the number and I will collect the tokens. Many thanks from the hounds

Postal Address

c/o 29 Pine Road, GUISBOROUGH, Yorkshire. TS14 6JH

Tel 07840771583

I also received a letter and tokens today from MP Tom Blenkinsop, the letter is quoted as :-

"Thank you for all the hard work you give to the local community we share, I hope the wish tokens enclosed help towards your fundraising efforts, All the very best, Tom Blenkinsop"

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Rose - Needs a Home

Whilst it is unusual that GRACE has dogs in that aren't greyhounds or lurchers, it is not unheard of. We will endeavour to help where we can.

Meet Rose! This young lady is two years old and very, very loving. She likes walks and loves other dogs.
She is a crossbreed. We think there is Shar Pei in her.

Take a look at the photos and if you think you can offer her a lovely home then please do get in touch with Tracy Cook on 07840771583.

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Thank You Albert

A month ago we met a lovely young man (aged 10) Albert, who came upon GRACE by accident at our monthly meet and greet at Stockton Garden Centre. Albert fell in love with Curtis (well who can blame him), and with his lovely parents Emma and Bill asked if they could help in a fundraising / awareness capacity. Albert went home and decided he would sell some of his precious toys to help hounds like Curtis. Albert contacted his school, and with his mum's help and that of his friends raised a staggering £154.13. A huge thank you also goes to Stockton Garden Centre who put up with us every month, and make us all so welcome.

Albert presented his cheque at Sunday's Meet and Greet, here's the photo's. We are all so proud of you Albert, and thankful for your wonderful donation. (Big hugs from Curtis) xx

Monday, 9 July 2012

Orwell & Baz

The information in blue was given by the previous owners of these dogs. They feel they no longer have the time to properly care for Orwell and Baz and hope that with G.R.A.C.E's help they will be able to find them a kind and loving new home.

Orwell is cream with a long coat. Approx 8 years old. He is neuteured, chipped and his last vaccination was in October. We got him when he was about 9 months old from a rescue centre, which didn't have any knowledge of him being a working dog. He has always lived inside. He doesn't like cats. He is good when other dogs when he is by himself, however he got on well with my parents dog when he was with our other dog. We have a 3 year old girl and he is great with her, has been since birth. He gets a bit excited when he meets people and jumps but calms down after a minute or two.

Baz is around the same age as Orwell. He is neutered and his last vaccination was July 2011. He is not microchipped. When we got him from the rescue centre we went to the vets to get him a health check and they told us that he needed an operation on his right, back leg. After a month of it not healing he ended up with it being amputated. The vets discovered that his blood doesn't clot very well. Since that amputation he has had no further problems. He gets tired more easy that Orwell but still likes a good run about. Again he is no good with cats, sometimes good with other dogs and great with children. He gets excited with other people but doesn't really jump because of his back leg. He gives it a good try though. He has always lived indoors and not sure about his history before we got him at around 1 year old.

If you feel you could give Orwell or Baz a new home, please contact Tracy Cook on 07840 771583.