Monday, 9 July 2012

Orwell & Baz

The information in blue was given by the previous owners of these dogs. They feel they no longer have the time to properly care for Orwell and Baz and hope that with G.R.A.C.E's help they will be able to find them a kind and loving new home.

Orwell is cream with a long coat. Approx 8 years old. He is neuteured, chipped and his last vaccination was in October. We got him when he was about 9 months old from a rescue centre, which didn't have any knowledge of him being a working dog. He has always lived inside. He doesn't like cats. He is good when other dogs when he is by himself, however he got on well with my parents dog when he was with our other dog. We have a 3 year old girl and he is great with her, has been since birth. He gets a bit excited when he meets people and jumps but calms down after a minute or two.

Baz is around the same age as Orwell. He is neutered and his last vaccination was July 2011. He is not microchipped. When we got him from the rescue centre we went to the vets to get him a health check and they told us that he needed an operation on his right, back leg. After a month of it not healing he ended up with it being amputated. The vets discovered that his blood doesn't clot very well. Since that amputation he has had no further problems. He gets tired more easy that Orwell but still likes a good run about. Again he is no good with cats, sometimes good with other dogs and great with children. He gets excited with other people but doesn't really jump because of his back leg. He gives it a good try though. He has always lived indoors and not sure about his history before we got him at around 1 year old.

If you feel you could give Orwell or Baz a new home, please contact Tracy Cook on 07840 771583.

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Jill Bennett said...

cant understand the actions of the previous 'owners', I hope these lovely dogs get the forever home they deserve. x