Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Thank You Albert

A month ago we met a lovely young man (aged 10) Albert, who came upon GRACE by accident at our monthly meet and greet at Stockton Garden Centre. Albert fell in love with Curtis (well who can blame him), and with his lovely parents Emma and Bill asked if they could help in a fundraising / awareness capacity. Albert went home and decided he would sell some of his precious toys to help hounds like Curtis. Albert contacted his school, and with his mum's help and that of his friends raised a staggering £154.13. A huge thank you also goes to Stockton Garden Centre who put up with us every month, and make us all so welcome.

Albert presented his cheque at Sunday's Meet and Greet, here's the photo's. We are all so proud of you Albert, and thankful for your wonderful donation. (Big hugs from Curtis) xx

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