Emergency Dogs

This page is dedicated to the dogs that have been taken in by GRACE and found places at other reputable rescues throughout the country. Thanks to all the rescues who help these dogs who were at risk of destruction by their owners, or were deemed too slow, or suffered an injury on the track.

13/11/12: This is Stan - He was due to be put to sleep on Saturday but instead he was transported by GRACE to a rescue space (RGT Cumbria) on Saturday. Not only that, he went to his forever home on the Sunday. This could happen because he arrived already neutered and his new owners are getting him inoculated at their vets so he could be with them as soon as possible. Stan went from a dire situation to having his very own forever home in 24 hours and we are sure he will have a long and happy life with his new family.

This lovely boy hadn't even reached his second birthday!! Now named Shepherd he is living the good life in foster care in Cumbria awaiting his forever home with the RGT.

Meg - awaiting her forever home at Fen Bank, lovely girl, only three :)

Pop - awaiting his forever home with Cumbria RGT, gorgeous boy :)

Tina, a lovely girl, also with Cumbria RGT (Meg's sister)

Judy who now resides with GRWE South East Branch, gorgeous black girl :)

This is Judy now named Tiffany a year later now in her forever home and loving life,

'Blackie' & 'Bluey', now Gabriel and Merlin, now being cared for by Bristol DAWG until their forever homes are found :)

'Blackie' now named Minnie, a lovely girl was in the care of Perry Barr RGT - now in her forever home ))